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Satish – Due to the drastic change in the growth of technology, it’s a little challenging to manage the protection of information that is stored in the systems that contain keen knowledge about the economic strengths of the company. The staff of organizations or people from society are facing a lot of problems regarding the security issues in technologies. To control these threats, it is essential to maintain information which is accessed by the system rather than the unwanted data. Usually, many issues create risks for data. If any of the technical threats attack the computers, it may result in the loss of information that contains essential tasks like emails, messages, and documents.

To avoid these disturbances customers who subscribe to the company information or staff members have to take some measures of protecting the knowledge of the system. The main important thing that is to be noticed is they need to check whether the information that is to be stored is virus-free so that it cannot damage the storing information and even though the stored data. So that it will become easy for the staff members to maintain the data safely stored in the systems. The applications are to be made the latest version so that it can access the information in the present technical ideas.

The customers need to acquire the proper system that can access their data in many logical ways which will update the information in the next level of a technical basis. The organizations should be able to work on the system, and they need to be capable of finding the perfect answer to the work divided into the individuals so that they can lessen the burden on the network. They need to help the customers by letting all the company staff knowing about the critical issues about all the system techniques, and they need to train the staff members whether they can conclude the solution to the required problem issue (Kim, Ji &Im, 2018).

priyanka – The three different terms web 2.0, social networking and mashup are intertwined with the new internet era, this is so-called as online world second phase evolution. Web 2.0 is raised to provide with the thinking changes about how applications should be developed in the future. Even the web 2.0 existence in the internet these applications were already in used for software blocking. There are many applications and services with web 2.0 influences, google AdSense, RSS web feeds, Wikipedia and there are thousands of mashups which are in existence.

Mashup is related to the web-based application which combines the functionality and content from different sources which are utilizing the technologies RSS and AJAX (Lu, P. C., 2008). Mashups doesn’t require any programming language, so everyone can adapt this concept.

Social Networking is more popular in, which is an online community and utilized between the user and marketers.

Web 2.0 has got lot of changes to the new internet era and became the catch phrase for describing the websites with the static information broadcasting. In the world of web 2.0, web servers are used as platform for all people to create and share the content of their own from the online web blogs, photos or videos. RSS is incorporated by many websites which provides with the news headlines interest’s summary. By utilizing this platform as user-friendly, people can visit them often, can post or review the comment. Popular social networking sites, video sharing sites, are taken up and employed by the web 2.0 technologies to adopt their technology advantages by utilizing the internet without any attacks and security concerns. Hence web 2.0 technologies brought counter measures to avoid possible threats which were caused.

sathwik – Backup strategies

Backup is a term that has become synonymous with the protection of data in recent decades. It could be attained through various methods. In essence, backing up data is a significant portion of a disaster protection plan (Fellows & Crocetti, 2020). Backup applications have offered various forms of backup protection. In this case, the major common backup types include differential backup full backup as well as incremental backup. Other forms of backup types comprise synthetic full backups together with mirroring.

Full backups

It is the most basic as well as a complete form of a backup operation. The operation leads the replication of all data to another media set, including a disk. The significant advantage with it is that where a full backup is undertaken, it results in the availability of all data copied with a single media set. Therefore, it leads to a reduction in the time required in restoring data (Fellows & Crocetti, 2020). Notwithstanding, its disadvantage is that it takes a longer time to accomplish a full backup in comparison to other backup strategies. Also, it needs more storage space.

Incremental backups

This form of backup operation leads to the replication of the data altered from the last operation of backup. Businesses usually utilize the modified timestamp that is on the files differentiating it to the previous backup’s timestamp. Most notably, backup applications monitor as well as record the time together with the date that backup operation takes place to evaluate the file modified since that time. Since incremental backup only replicates data since the last operation, firms are advised to run it numerous times, storing the most recent changes. The benefit is that it replicates a smaller amount of data in contrast to a full backup. In this case, the operations will need less media for backup storage, as well as a shorter time for completion.

Cloud backup strategies

These strategies are also referred to as an online backup. They are vital for sending the replicated data of the virtual file to a secondary as well as off-site location for safeguarding in the event of a catastrophe of failure of equipment (Rouse, 2020). Where there is the availability of numerous options together with approaches to the off-site location, this strategy functions as the off-site facility for multiple organizations.

sathwik – It refers to the process of protecting vital information from loss, corruption, or compromise. The significance of safeguarding data heightens with the amounts of created data. Besides, it continues to increase at an unprecedented rate. In essence, downtime is not tolerated as it makes it a challenge accessing crucial data (Rouse, 2013). In this sense, a large portion of protecting data is ensuring that the data could be restored in record time following its loss. Importantly, safeguarding data from loss as well as adhering to data privacy are major data protection components.

Storage technologies useful for the protection of data comprise tape backup, which replicates tailored data to a disk-based storage array to assist with its safe storage. Mirroring could be utilized for the creation of an exact copy of a website. In this case, it allows for the files to be accessed from different points (Rouse, 2013). Besides, storage snapshots are useful for automatically generating different sets of pointers to data that is kept on disks. Hence, it leads to quick data recovery.

The data privacy laws, coupled with regulations, differ from one nation to another. The data privacy law in China was effected in the mid of 2017 (Rouse, 2013). On the other hand, the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union was effected the following year. It is vital to note that compliance with the regulations is challenging. Therefore, there is a need to coordinate amongst the various disparate rules along with regulations.

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