workplace issues

Your center and classroom are faced with many different workplace issues. While your director is working as quickly as she can, she can’t handle all of her responsibilities without your lead teacher. To demonstrate that you can handle helping, your director has asked you to take on some of the common workplace issues and create plans to resolve them. Your solutions will help her determine whether or not you are ready to solve problems within your own facility. Choose three of the four following issues and create proposals to resolve the issue. Be sure to utilize your textbook and answer all of the questions within the scenarios.

Scenario #1: Funding

Although you work in a private facility and your parents pay for their child’s care and learning, there is never enough funds to purchase materials you need to complete special projects. You have been supplementing your classroom by purchasing these items yourself because you want your students to have these special experiences, however, this is beginning to be a financial drain. This year, you still have five more special experiences that you were planning, but sadly, you can no longer afford to pay for these purchases. What do you do going forward?

Scenario #2: Safety
You work for a Head Start facility and therefore you receive government funds to assist with the upkeep of your facility. However, you notice that the side door is not shutting and locking correctly. The only way this door can be shut is with someone on each side of the door with a key. The front is always monitored by your director or a part-time receptionist and the back door leads to the secure playground. In lieu of the recent school tragedies you are nervous about the door not locking and believe this is a safety issue. You ask your director if this can be fixed and she tells you that the facility does not have the money right now to do this. How can you problem solve this situation?

Scenario #3: New Community Center

There is a new community center down the street and they are very interested in working with your facility. They have a fabulous idea of creating a partnership with the seniors that utilize their center, however, they are not sure the best way to integrate these volunteers. In efforts to collaborate, they have asked you to create a class that will meet once a week. You are thrilled that you have volunteers that want to work with your little ones, however there is a lot that needs to be done before the class can begin.

  • Early Learning: 4 – 5 years
  • Design a concept that can be done on a weekly basis with your children and the seniors from the community center. Explain all that needs to be done before the interaction begins.

Scenario #4: Children with special needs
You have a new student in your facility who is on the autism spectrum. You have never worked with a child with this disorder and you are not sure how to handle behavior as compared to the other children in your classroom. Explain how you should go about determining the best way to deal with this child in your classroom. Explain all possible options and resources so that this child and the rest of your class has the best possible educational experience.

In your paper,

  • Include an introduction and a conclusion.
  • Choose three scenarios to write about.
  • Explain, in detail, why the scenarios you have chosen are problematic.
  • Prepare three plans that you believe would solve the three issues you have chosen.
  • Complete the unique, individual questions related to each scenario.

The Workplace Issues Paper



Before taking on this challenge, it is really important for you to clarify with the director your role and your expectations of this new position. Clarifying exactly what she wants and when will help you do your job better and feel more successful. Next, you want to educate yourself as much as possible about how to properly handle these types of situations. When it comes to workplace issues there are usually protocols and steps in place for resolution of problems. You may want to contact the HR department or someone who is in charge of these type of operational issues. Then, you want to read and research workplace issues. Here are some articles that you can view to help you understand how to handle these types of situations.

Lastly, you will want to document the situation. You need to include who you spoke to, when you spoke to them, the outcome or resolution, your role in the situation, and how you are resolving it. There are probably additional detail that you will want to document so be sure to connect with your director and make sure you are being thorough and detailed.

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