Respond to your colleagues by comparing the differential diagnostic features of the disorder you were assigned to the diagnostic

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Respond  to your  colleagues by comparing the differential diagnostic features of the  disorder you were assigned to the diagnostic features of the disorder  your colleagues were assigned.   

NOTE: Positive comment (bellow is attached the sleep disorder assigned to me)

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Sexual dysfunction: Male Erectile Disorder

    DSM-5 classifies Erectile Dysfunction as a sexual dysfunction disorder  with a significant inability to respond or experience sexual pleasure,  is a sexual disorder affecting men, is the decreased erectile turgidity  for 75% of sexual activity for at least 6 months or failure to obtain  and sustain an erection sufficient. It culminates in a condition where  the man loses sexual interest and fails to retain their erection for an  extended period. The primary causal of Impotence in men is because of  massive stress. The brain coordinates in releasing the sexual desire and  urge. It means that once a patient is stressed out, their sexual  capacity reduces thus termed as impotence (Irwin, 2019). Male erectile  disorder is asserted in the absence of distress and other psychological  stressors for the patient (Segraves, 2010). Before diagnosing Sexual  Dysfunction, other issues from a nonsexual mental illness, among other  stressors, should be first be addressed. Other factors to be considered  for the diagnosis of male erectile dysfunction include the history of  sexual/emotional abuse, communication problems, partner violence,  cultural or religious factors (Edward, 2020). The disease is  preventable, and doctors can minimize the damage suppose the patient  agrees to speak about their condition. The first diagnostic step for the  doctor is to listen to the patient and record all the signs and  symptoms experienced. After an explanation, the doctor determines  whether the condition is chronic and needs more than administering drugs  as the treatment system. The primary used diagnosis procedure is the  physical examination where the medical professional analyzes the  genitals to discern any signs of pain or detect a sensation.  Furthermore, the doctor might prescribe a blood examination to analyze  the presence of impotence stimulators. Diagnostic criterial for Male  Erectile Disorder.

Psychotherapy and Psychopharmacologic Treatment for Male Erectile Dysfunction.

    Through the right medication, a patient might be cured of erectile  dysfunction. The most prominent treatment technique used is psychology  treatment. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an efficacious therapy  used in addressing Erectile Dysfunction in patients. CBT is an  actionable and proactive therapy aimed at helping how patients think and  behave. The medical professionals believe that once the patient finds a  guidance to help them fight stress, they will succeed in beating  impotency. The patient is prescribed to periodic counselling sessions  where they guided through self-acceptance and building a strong  self-esteem (Irwin, 2019). Additionally, they are prescribed to a dosage  that would help the patient obtain sexual sensation. They are advised  on the negative and positive effects of taking the drugs and evaluated  by their competency level to handle the side effects.  According to  Simopoulos (2012), the main drugs used for the pharmacologic treatment  of male erectile dysfunction include Bromocriptine, Selegiline,  Sildenafil, and Amantadine Cyproheptadine, and Cabergoline. Other  frequently medicament include Viagra is one of the medications  incorporated to the patients which helps them in having and maintaining  their erection throughout their intercourse duration. Curing erectile  dysfunction can also be facilitated through exercise, avoiding  smoking/alcohol, consuming healthy foods, and getting enough sleep.  Treatments for patients with depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia may  have drastic sexual side effects.


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