Please reply to this student post APA short answer Hurricane Andrew is one

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 Please reply to this student post. APA short answer

Hurricane Andrew is one of the tragic events that has remained the historical Bahamas, southern Florida, and south-central Louisiana. The late 1992 tragedy remained the most expensive tragedy in the history of United State until Hurricane Katrina struck in the year 2005. The use of social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Snachat has skyrocketed in the last ten years and therefore supplementing the traditional means of communication.  As the main communication method to be used in emergency management I think the social media is an effective tool of communicating as they have become an integral part of the disaster responses and hence filling the void in the areas where the phone services are lost (O’Connor, 2017, September 06). These social media resources including Twitter and Facebook have continued to inform the people of America, enabling them to locate their loved ones, notifying the police as well as expressing support. Moreover, the helping agencies have used these social media platform to filter all the data and establish the most affected regions and distribute relief. Overall, Twitter, Facebook, and Snachat have proved to be effective social media platforms, especially in modern disaster relief (Diermeier, Petrella, 2013).

Facebook has continued to offer safety checks where they provide an outlet for the victims of major disasters to reach out for help (Company, 2017, August 30). This includes a platform where the victims select the type of help they require and consequently calling their local emergency numbers (Hurricane Florence. (n.d.). Snapchat created the Harvey Snapchat story that was meant to report on the various disasters within the country. Snapchat also created a map section that would show the disasters hotspots and where many people were posting from at any given time and hence raising the decisive awareness Company, F. (2017, August 30). Twitter provides the platform where the residents would pot images of the people needed assistance. Twitter also provided open data that helped people to alert the most affected people about the floods in real time Company, F. (2017, August 30).  

Although natural disasters are inevitable, the preparedness measures that are taken by the nursing homes are hospitals determines the severity of the disasters. Based on the previous researches, the older people rea the most vulnerable people to the disaster which make improving the policy tom consider their needs necessary. I accept that the older people should be prioritized in the evacuation and relocation plans and should consider diversity of the residential settings. The author generally imply that additional measures should be implemented.  The nursing homes are acritical in the American healthcare system providing support services to over 2 million people where most of the people are elderly. Hurricane Andrew made it that was important for nursing homes need to integrate vulnerable population like the elderly into the disaster management plan. I agree that despite having a clear evacuation plan, nursing homes should also ensure access to mental health services for the evacuees and employees. The phrase “Additional efforts are necessary,” is used by the authors to reflect on the additional approaches that should be used in improving of the disaster and emergency preparedness scheme.


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