The most discussed Hot Topic in healthcare at this time is Covid 19 Please discuss one specific aspect of

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The most discussed Hot Topic in healthcare at this time is Covid-19.  Please discuss one specific aspect of Covid-19.  Here are some examples but you are not required to pick one of these topics.  If you have had personal experience with forming or working with a specific policy regarding Covid-19, please elaborate. 

Staffing on Covid units, telehealth, vaccinations for employees (should they be required or not), vaccinations for the general public (lottery, scholarships lotto), hospital reimbursements for Covid patients, long term care for complications from Covid (who pays), mask mandates, your local or facility policies and how they are evolving.  

The effects of politics on Covid-19:  Economically (states opening up sooner than others), outdoor gatherings, religious gatherings, travel (state to state, country to country) or should a vaccination record be shown to travel, etc.

There are many avenues that can be discussed regarding Covid-19. These issues can be on a local, regional, state, national, or international level.

Please follow the guidelines for Current Hot Topics in Health Policy & Politics Assignment.  The rubric is also included in the guidelines. 

Current Hot Topics in Health Policy and Politics

The purpose of this assignment is to promote awareness for enhanced learning of health policy and politics in nursing and health

care. Health policy and politic issues identified can relate directly to

nursing, such as the APRN Consensus Model, or to various healthcare disciplines including nursing such as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. These issues can be on a local, regional, state, national, or international level. 

Discussion on these topics is promoted in the online classroom through a specific area in D2L. Information will be posted in your individually created threads. Participation is required in 4 

separate modules with the total assignment worth 20% (each discussion is worth 5%). Students are expected to critically post

an initial response and respond to students promoting an engaging 

and informal dialogue supported by evidence, though. Be creative in your posts by responding to questions, asking questions, providing new information through web sites and posting articles, and use clinical experiences as pertinent following HIPPA guidelines and deidentifying patients and health care settings. The following format is applied in this assignment:

•The syllabus outlines when each of the 4 module postings is due.

•Links are provided in D2Lmodulesto the main areas for posting the Current HotTopics threads.

•Students will post an initial response by Wednesday at midnight during the module due date. 

•Students will respond to one student post for each of the 4 required modules. Students should post responses to a minimum of 4 different students throughout the semester. Please be cognizant of all class members to ensure conversations are occurring with all students,

even if that means needing to post more than once that week. 

•The attached rubric will be applied tothe grading of the Current Hot

Topic posts. Criteria Excellent 20 points Good 14 points Fair 8 points

Did Not Meet 0 points

Discussion in the Current Hot Topic session demonstrates comprehension

Of health policy and politics in nursing as evidenced by responses that 

are insightful, analytical and promote an engaging classroom environment.

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