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Main que :Discuss an organization’s need for physical security. What methods, approaches, and models can be used by organizations when designing physical security needs? Lastly, explain how these security measures will safeguard the organization.

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Naga – Organization Physical Security

Physical security is the protection of personal property, hardware, software, network, and data from physical actions and events that can cause significant loss and destruction to enterprise, agency, or an institution (Bilbao, 2013, October). It is, therefore, demanding for a business to implement physical security to ensure no intruders interferes with confidential information. Physical security is enhanced through the following methods; closing server room, a server room should have good locks. A policy requiring server room locked every time unoccupied and set out who keeps the key, or key code is essential. A server room is the backbone of the physical network, and someone with physical accesses to servers, switches, routers, cables, and other devices in the place can destroy them significantly.

A locking server room is essential, but it cannot work alone since one can opt to break through and, therefore, necessary to set up surveillance. Incorporating the authentication system into locking devices is vital because it will record the identity of each person who enters (Parfomak, 2014). A video surveillance camera located in a position awkward for interference gives a good view of persons entering and leaving. It is also necessary to put all vulnerable devices in the locked room. Use rack-mount servers, they not only take up less server room real estate, but they are also easier to secure. Rock mount servers can easily be locked into closed racks and then fastened to the floor, making the whole package almost impossible to move hence much less to steal.

Hackers take advantage of using an unsecured computer that is connected to the network to access or delete information that is important to the organisation. It is, therefore, crucial to disconnect or remove machines that are not being used and lock empty doors of empty offices, including those that are temporarily empty while employees are in a break. Servers, workstations and portables devices should be protected from intruders.

Pack up the backups and secure them in a locked place, disable drives to prevent employees from copying company information

vijay – Physical security refers to the use of physical methods to protect company equipment and systems from unauthorized access (Fennelly, 2016). The system used in physical security includes CCTV surveillance, protective barriers, security personnel, and locks. The Classification of Physical security into three categories;

Preventative: These are security measures that are put in place to prevent unauthorized access into a piece of equipment or a facility. An example of preventative physical security is an electric fence. An electric fence prevents unauthorized persons from entering a facility. The use of security guards is also preventative because guards prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing a facility or equipment.

Detective: There are security measures that are put in place to detect unauthorized access into buildings or equipment. An example of a physical security measure is CCTV surveillance. Live feeds from CCTV cameras allow security personnel to identify unauthorized physical access in an organization. Alarm systems are also detective physical security measures.

Corrective: These measures take corrective action whenever an undesirable event occurs. For instance, automatic doors and windows put down to close whenever motion sensors detect movement in a protected facility.

Currently, many organizations use information systems to manage company records. In case of disasters such as floods, fires, earthquakes, and tornadoes, damage may occur to the servers, leading to the loss of valuable information. Therefore, the building of fireproof storage facilities can protect servers in cases of fire. Also, storage of data backups in a different physical location is an excellent way to prepare for disasters. Physical security measure is essential aspects of security to be implemented at the beginning of an organization (McDougall & Woodruff, 2016).

HariKishore – Computer software is a set of directives and its citations that tells a computer what to do or how to perform an undertaking. It is designed to help it reach a better understanding of the user and the computer. The software development life cycle is a process that helps a system builds efficient software for maximum use. This, in turn, includes the procedure, preserving and also supplanting a software system.

The following is a meticulous phase of software build at its best (Baharom, 2020). The first part is adequate preparation. This is the part of brainstorming to gather necessities and evaluate all the aspects of the intentional software merchandise. This includes a thorough indulgence of the requirements and the concerns that can occur in the development process. The second one is a practical evaluation. This involves the project’s viability if it can be a success at a better and required part. They determine whether it is costly, time-taking, can it function and if it can be reliable.

The following phase is a software scheme. This is the chief facet of the whole process. It should be clear and precise on the intended structure. The next part is the programming. It is a critical part of the design. This is the making of the data to be used as rules. It also includes encoding. The fifth one is implementation and integration. It is used to run the product and see if it can support a variety of systems.

The subsequent part is software testing. This is where the software is tested to its crucial role in the quality of software and its performance. Debugging is done in this part. The next is setting up and conservation by the desired parties. This is the last crucial part. This is the whole improvement being sequence (Khan, Keung, Niazi, Hussain & Shameem, 2019).

srikar – The process of developing a software is completed after a long process that includes making decisions as well as implementing them. One of the first steps of developing a software is to determine the type of software that one wants to create. This involves making decision about the fact that if one wants to create a systems based program or an application based program. Besides, the platform on which the software will operate is also important to determine before the beginning of the actual process (Choi et al., 2019).

Once the type of software that one wants to develop has been decided, the next step is to determine the programming language that needs to be used for developing that specific type of software. For this, it is important to understand the various features of the languages and to select the one that can be used in order to develop a software with certain features. Besides this, it is also important to learn about the strategies or methods that can be used for the development of the software to develop it without error. Once all the tools are available, the selected methodology can be applied in order to develop the software that is needed (Visser et al., 2016).

The process of software developing and software methods are two concepts that are different in many ways. Software development is the entire process that one needs to take up in order to perform the task of developing a software. The deliverable at the end of this process is the software itself. Software methods, on the other hand, are the various ways in which the process of developing the software can be taken up. Each method allows the developer to select a method that will be used to develop their software. Once the method is selected, the case specific tools are applied on the same to develop the desired software (Choi et al., 2019).

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