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Anna has been working at the Good Health Hospital (GHH) as a nurse for several years. She takes pride in her work and has always been very committed to her nursing responsibilities at the hospital. As the hospital has regularly been praising her excellent work, Anna thinks she deserves a promotion. In fact, although she enjoys the recognition that she was given through many very positive annual appraisals that were always followed by above-average yearly bonuses, her personal goal remains to be promoted to the nurse manager position of her department. Anna not only feels that she is ready to take on additional planning and coordination responsibilities in her department but she also believed that her nurse manager promotion will happen sooner than later as she heard that the current nurse manager is about to retire.

Unfortunately, Anna’s ambitions were curtailed when one of GHH’s HR staff introduced a new staff, Sally, to Anna’s department. As Sally had recently completed a nursing degree overseas, she was appointed as the new nurse manager to take over the retiring nurse manager. Furthermore, as Sally was not familiar with the hospital processes, Anna was requested to show her around and brief her about them. Even though Anna did it with a smile, she was upset as her hope of promotion seemed to be dashed. She could not understand why the hospital hired Sally as a nurse manager. Sally was much younger and had fewer years of nursing experience. Even though Anna did not have a nursing degree, she felt that she was just as competent as Sally. Anna also felt that her hard work did not pay off. What she wanted was a promotion.

Anna was also dismayed by recent changes introduced by the GHH management. More specifically, the hospital decided to introduce various technologies to improve healthcare, such as using mobile devices to access electronic medical records and new healthcare applications. Although these digital technologies provide benefits for both healthcare professionals and patients, Anna felt stressed as even if she was not technology-savvy, she had to use these digital technologies as they changed the way she was required to work. Recently, she also found out that she was not alone as many of her colleagues, especially the older nurses, felt equally uncomfortable with the use of digital technologies.

On the other hand, Sally, the new nurse manager, easily adapted to these digital technologies, as she had used them during her education and overseas training. However, she could see that the nurses in her department did not welcome the new technologies. As the nurse manager, she started thinking about what she could do to help her department. She also noticed Anna seemed rather demotivated at work, which was opposite from the praises that she had heard previously about Anna.

Question 1 (Word Limit: 1000)

Discuss how the introduction of digital technologies may affect healthcare workers in hospitals. Relate it to the concepts you have learned in this course about individual differences. (30 marks)

Question 2 (Word Limit: 1000)

Using motivation theories that we learned in this course, explain Anna’s response to Sally’s appointment as the new nursing manager. Besides giving her a promotion, illustrate different ways, actions or decisions that the hospital could follow to motivate Anna. (30 marks)

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