nithin project management discussion 3 and 2 replies

Task 1: Students must read the case study “The Invisible Sponsor” on page 658 and then pick one (1) of the following sets of three (3) questions to answer on page 660:

Set 1 – questions 1-3

Set 2 – question 4-6

words :300 (attached textbook)

and also write replies 2 student posts for the same question.

sumeeth – 1.

The responsibility of the project sponsors is to maintain a high implication within an organization. This role is always to choose the persons who are of excellent leadership value. That responsibility is delegated to the organization’s executive. The task assigned to an executive is to organize an event, and with certain boundaries to make decisions. Also, they are responsible for distributing work to holders as they are dissimilar from them for preparing an outline for the project or event. All strategies are made by the executive for the project that can be aimed at the long or short term, and thoughts are asked as of the plan as a whole so that the project can be executed as per the policy. However, sometimes the executive refuses the liability of the project manager because various risks are involved with this because they are aware of their abilities (Millett, 2009).


Executives don’t want to force to do work as a sponsor. The project’s strategies and ideas to succeed in playing an essential role in an organization. No-one has the factual to force a supporting executive to operate. The project’s success and failure will depend on the tactics the executives put in. The position of sponsor assumed to the executive is a vision, and the sponsor brings the money into the project to make a profit. A sponsor is responsible for contributing to the project’s success. Thus, if decision-making is not involved in the project’s success and failure process, then they may refuse to take on the sponsor’s responsibility. As in the case, once AI was inquired to effort as the sponsor, then they declined since they feared the failure of the project, and the success of the project can help the company’s growth.


Yes, I agree that the sponsor is responsible for the failure and progress of the project as they are responsible for the execution of the project plan. They are, moreover, the one who makes the plan layout and allocates it between the project managers. They care for every project activity. Also, they are well aware of the project’s mission and intent, and based on that; they prepared a plan for the project to the organization’s development. They will keep a check over the problems that emerge in the project over time. It keeps the passion for the project alive and saves the group on track. Also, with the aid of the project manager, all scheduling is handled by them, and a new idea is found and implemented on the project to achieve success with groundbreaking results (Schibi & Lee, 2015).

lohit – Invisible Sponsor


A manager of a project has to track a complex kind of hazards associated with the projects. To separate the structure, requirements, and sort a project group, he must be creative. He should have the ability to distinguish and properly supervise the dangers associated with the project. He should have the capability to screen as well as monitor the projects. If there would be a portion of executive directors that refuse to step in as a supporter of a project (Kerzner, 2013). They decrease to structure as the sponsors of the project due to the current dread of settling for wrong choices and dangers that may occur due to the project. The other cause is the time it takes to perform a project. For the situation examine, we see that Al Zink is an executive chief, declines to fill in as a project sponsor because of usable to settle on the choice.


That is not promoting learning and decision-making. The sponsor’s part of decision making has to be omnipresent. The numerous goal includes successful get and like a bolster, procedure, and collecting them. The top leader excellently-known about the feasible reform is cover by the outcome that will depend on achievement. They include the focus on the person. Every task depends on the executive supporter and framing responsibility for the feasibility of grouping new actions. Task handling, the project will enable users to take action with the help as well as the commitment of workflow which smoothly follows project reports (Molen, 2015).


Sure, it may be ideal for a project sponsor as the final individual to project failure or success. A project sponsor is a person who takes on a vitally important job in a project. He is the person who designed, implemented and sorted out a project. Additionally, he is responsible for ensuring that a project runs easily and efficiently. So it can be stated that he is an individual who is a principal thrust of the prosperity and disappointment of a project.

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