economic profile of shanghai china

The economic profile should contain 3 parts. The first partshould contain the following table with economic statistics for your province. Be sure to cite sources for all the statistics you present. Be careful about exactly which statistics you use – look at the fine print, and make sure they are measuring the right thing.

Population statistics

Size of population

Population growth

% of population that is urban

National product level

Total GPP in yuan (renminbi)

Per capita GPP in yuan (renminbi)

Per capita GPP in US dollar (market exchange rate)

Per capita GPP in US dollar (PPP exchange rate)

National product growth

Average annual real growth of GPP, overall

Average annual real growth of GPP, per capita

Production structure

Percentage shares of the primary (agriculture)sector in GPP

Percentage shares of the secondary (industry) sector in GPP

Percentage shares of the tertiary (services)sector in GPP


Exports to GPP ratio (exports should be based on place of origin)

Human development

Life expectancy

Average years of education


1. GPP is provincial GDP. Some sources refer to GPP as “Gross Regional Product” or “Provincial GDP”)

2. The OECD… gives data for market and PPP exchange rates.

3. Where possible, provide statistics for 2017. If you can’t find the data for 2017, use the most recent year you can find. Label the data in your tables clearly and precisely, noting units of measurement, years, etc.

The second part should discuss and critically evaluate, in writing, key features of your province’s economy and recent economic performance. This discussion should be informed by the statistics on p.1. Be sure to provide some yardsticks or frames of reference, and highlight key aspects of considerations, e.g., geographic, historically, policy, initial conditions, special characteristics (if any), relevant to the economy of your province. You can compare your province to other provinces or national average to facilitate your discussion. The second partshould not look like an advertisement or tourist brochure. It should be no longer than one page.

The third part can be used to list references and for additional space for statistics/write up, if needed.

Data sources: One aim of this assignment is to introduce you to Chinese data sources commonly used by analysts. Most of the data you need for this assignment should be available in A and B.

A. The China Statistical Yearbook (Zhongguo TongjiNianjian) is a key source of official China statistics. It is published online on the National Bureau of Statistics of China (NBS) website…. Look under “annual data” > “2018” for the 2018yearbook, which contains data through 2017. Provincial data are usually in tables that include “by region” in the title. For the provincial GPP stats, look in the National Accounts section for the “Gross Regional Product.”

B. The UNDP’s National Human Development Report Special Edition has a statistical appendix with lots of tables of provincial level data, including some of the data you will need for this assignment:…

The UNDP publishes a national human development report for China every few years and yearly global human development reports. Its online human development database is here

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