chose youtube video about good multimedia presentation you find on line and one to a not so good presentation then analyze also other students work analyze


Post two links – one to a good multimedia presentation you find on-line and one to a not-so-good presentation. Below the links, post your commentary, including specific points regarding what works and does not work in the two presentations.

Choose another student in class. Click on their links, view the presentations, read their commentary, and add a substantive comment of your own about their post.

Here is three students work below and chose two of the students works then Click on their links, view the presentations, read their commentary, and add a substantive comment of your own about their post.



By starting the presentation off with a personal story he grasps the audience attention and maintains it by making subtle jokes that correlate with the story and builds the presentation into getting to the “meat” of the message. Where the important discussion and serious matter is brought up. The presentation flows nicely and natural while presenting statistics and possible solutions. Overall the transitions from humor and serious discussion flows nicely and is a great and interesting presentation to listen to.


In this presentation the presenter is constantly yelling. Very hostile so it was hard to understand the message he was trying to relate. Also when quoting he messed up the quote of Albert Einstein, and had to repeat the quote from the beginning which shoes a lack of preparation of what was going to be said. Also he would make random noises sort of trying to enhance his presentation or his message. Overall not quite understandable and the constant yelling was not appealing.

Second person Turong

Jordan presents a well-done example for giving a multimedia presentation. In the video, Jordan dressed professional and neat. He prepared carefully and made a good interaction with the audience by asking questions, using personal stories and experience as his examples. Moreover, Jordan gave a good introduction, stayed on topic, had confident postures and gesture to get listener’s attention. At the end of his presentation, he also demonstrated the actual project to make everyone more clearly and understand the subject he mentioned.

In contrast, the guy in this short video seemed confidently but it turned out arrogantly. The way he opened the introduction was not related to the content of his presentation. His PowerPoint had too much effects, some slides had too many words, and he also typed each word on every slide which were not professional and unnecessary. In addition, he put the videos and images which are off the topic he was talking about.

Third person kaine Scott

Good multimedia presentation:

Collin’s Lab: Arduino: This is a good presentation because the media is clear, smooth, and simple. The audio is slow and precise – but not like it was read from a user manual. The content is presented in a way that I felt like I experienced using the device and software which made it more memorable.

Not-so-good presentation:

What is Arduino UNO: I think this is a fine presentation but I liked the other presentation better because it was easier for me to visualize this device in real life. This presentation is informative but felt like I was simply reading the manual out loud. The previous presentation made me feel like I was actually using the device and the experience was more memorable.

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