chfd212 week 6 discussion 1

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For this discussion, we will compare three websites with information about infancy and toddlerhood. These websites are three (3) very different websites with different goals and purposes. (Early Head Start National Resource Center)


After browsing the sites, compare and rate them in terms of usefulness to parents and daycare professionals. How user friendly are the sites? What do you find most informative on them? What changes would you make?


Hello class,

After reviewing the three different websites this week I found they all provide useable and helpful information. If I had to rate them based on how helpful and useful the information that was provided by the sites before5 provided the most helpful information while Early Head Start National Resource Center provided information that was not all that useful to a daycare professional, they provided a different kind of information. Each website provided and informed the parents in a different way they each provided different aspects of help. Before5 provided information not only about how we as parents can help our child they also provided information about the developmental stages children will go through. Zerotothree provided information that was useful to both the parents and the caregivers. They also provide ways to help with discipline and setting limits with kids.

I would have to say that before5 was very user-friendly, it was easy to navigate through each different topic. While Early Head Start Nationa Resource Center was a little confusing to me and provided more sites about childcare programs. It was hard to figure which site contains what information and which one would be appropriate at that time. I found that zero to three provided information for both the parents and for the children that included their developmental stages. Before5 helps you understand /explore how a child grows and develops. The Early Head Start National Resource Center provided information about childcare/headstart programs. I really don’t think that I would change anything about the first two sits as how they provide useful information in their own way. The last website I would include tips and information on how to help the parents help the children grow and develop.

Minimum 250 words.

Classmate #2:

This week’s learning lesson was based on some credible websites that contribute to the overall development of young children. Each website gave a detailed explanation as to what specific categories are crucial, during their early stages of development. Head Start ECLKC is a program designed for not only pre- school aged children, but also infants, toddlers and pregnant women. The good thing about the Head Start Program is that it supports low income families and it is funded by grants. On the other hand, the You Can Handle This Program seems as though it is more helpful for first time parents. While browsing their website I felt as though their main focus was to teach new parents’ ways to cater, nurture and provide the needs of the child, from birth to the age of five. Most importantly, it breaks down five development domains that aid in the successful growth of the child and gives input on what you can do to help improve that area. Lastly, Zero to Three proved that their program has contributed to many children, for a total of 43 years, throughout several different locations. Based on the website, this program is the most advanced due to having a broad selection of areas that are emphasized around the world. By comparing each website and learning facts about each program, I would say that the You Can Handle This and Zero to Three Programs are more useful for parents because it provides information on what they should do, how to do things, and where to seek additional assistance. Head Start ECLKC mainly benefits daycare and all childcare professionals. Each site was very user friendly and presented all information in an organized manner. The information that each site featured was clear, concise and relatable to people all around the world. The two things that were most informative to me were the services and resources that were provided. Each program offered many different services and included resources for more assistance and who to contact for other categories or situations. Some of the changes I would make to the sites would be to include live video interaction at the facilities, photo albums of children settings, and also a video tutorial that walks you through each section.

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