4 2 presentation marketing channel analysis

Using the product you chose for your discussion, analyze in detail how the product is sold through different channels. Although all products may not sell through all channels, ensure that you consider in-store, direct mail, email, social media, word of mouth, and online marketing channels for the product.

Using the Marketing Channels Analysis Template provided for this assignment, create a short presentation that demonstrates the use of these channels for this product by the company. Your first slide should describe the company’s marketing strategy. You should have one slide for each marketing channel discussed. A minimum of three channels should be discussed.

To complete this assignment, review the Marketing Channels Analysis Template and the Marketing Channel Analysis Presentation Guidelines and Rubric document.

The discussion post I am using is this.

The latest product I bought in a store was dog food. I went to a nearby store called Rural King, where I purchased Purina puppy chow which is a puppy food for large dog breeds. The product was promoted by placing an exclusive preview of the product in the store. With this, I mean the product had an exclusive preview that had consumers be able to test the efficiency of the product before selling or buying. I had the chance of seeing how the product looks like inside the package before buying. The product was additionally placed in a separate shelf so that it would stand out. Moreover, the separate shelve was located in a section that mainly comprised of dog food and other related products. The instore promotion, however, did not play a role in influencing my decision to buy the product since I already knew what I wanted since it was recommended to me by my vet. Although the promotion of the product made it very easy to locate in the store (Birch and Kasper, 2017). There was no particular signage promoting the product, but the food was packaged in 11-pound-recycling food bags. The other competing foods available in the section included the farmer’s dog pet food and puppy dry dog food.

An additional product promotion placed on this product was the significant discount on the price. The other competing products also had an in-store discounted price, thus making them easily purchasable to the consumer. Although the pricing also did not play a significant role in the selection of the product since my vet recommended it. It was vital for me since it allowed me to save a considerable amount of money since I bought ten bags of Purina puppy chow. I believe that the in-store promotion of the product that includes exclusive product preview and discounted price plays a significant role in allowing consumers to buy the product. If the vet generally recommended three other dog food, I believe that I would be more inclined to buy Purina puppy chow since it was more appealing.

Birch, T. A., & Kasper, M. J. (2017). U.S. Patent No. 9,659,272. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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