2023 reply1 Nursing research is at the heart of nursing practice because it helps

Nursing 2023 2 coments each one 150 words (CITATION AND REFERENCE)

reply1 Nursing research is at the heart of nursing practice because it helps 2023 Assignment


Nursing research is at the heart of nursing practice because it helps nurses to stay up to date with evidence-based knowledge that can improve organizational, nursing, and patient outcomes. To ease the search of scholarly materials and ensure that GCU students produce sound research that can add value to nursing literature and practice, the GCU Library provides a large number of scholarly databases that a student can actually peruse in search of journals, articles, and periodicals to support their projects.

Two GCU Library scholarly databases that will help me find the best research articles to support my capstone project change proposal will include Ovid Nursing Essential database which has access to over 125 full-text nursing journals that covers a wide range of nursing topic, including titles from highly respected Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (Grand Canyon University, n. d.-a). Another GCU Library database that I can resort to in finding evidence to support my capstone project change proposal is the EBSCO database which include the CINAHL Complete, Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition, PsycARTICLES, PsycINFO, ERIC(EBSCO) etc (GCU, n. d.-b).

The strengths of these two databases over Google Scholar or general Internet search cannot be underestimated. First, they can help to narrow my search to specific journals and articles that are peer-reviewed, unlike the Google Scholar or general Internet search that can provide a whole range of journals and articles that are not peer reviewed. In addition, searching for research evidence via these two GCU databases can help to save a lot of time in research. In a nutshell, GCU scholarly databases provide more valuable research tools for conducting both quantitative and qualitative research than the Google Scholar.


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The Grand Canon university library has 92 databases with full access to more than 6000 text journals and articles, each database has exclusive feature, which help students to specialize and focus on result in more than one subject (Grand Canyon University, 2017). I propose and recommend CINAHL and ProQuest nursing and allied health source databases the best sources for my research proposal. CINAHL database has access to variety of articles from health professionals and other researchers with good understanding of nursing encounter. The database allows researchers to find appropriate medical terms used in literature thus I will be able to collect more information useful to my EBP proposal.

ProQuest nursing and allied health source database is the other database I will use in my EBP proposal. Similar to CINAHL, ProQuest provides an extensive variety in nursing, allied health related fields, videos on clinical practical, evidence based resources such as dissertation and logic review plus reference materials (Grand Canyon University, 2016). Most librarians prefer and recommend ProQuest database for those students those taking nursing research nursing research and health care related field. Due to the suitability and credibility of the above database, I find it very suitable for my proposal writing. However, though both GCU and google scholar are commonly used internet sources. GCU is more suitable because it is easy to use and offer comprehensive contact to many literature and reference materials as well as google scholar.


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November 2017, from https://www.gcu.edu/future-students/campus- experience/library.php

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