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The book outlines the contingency theory as more situational leadership. It suggests that there is no best leadership style, but leadership that molds to the needs of an organization. There are four key elements that influence the leader’s behavior; “the nature of the task or activity, resource availability, the history of the task, and the history of the people involved.” With that being said, the traits approach states that a leader is determined by certain characteristics. This seems closely related to the behavioral leadership which looks at how people react to the behaviors portrayed by chosen leaders.

It is my opinion that the contingency theory is by far the best route in heading an organization. There is a significant amount of truth that some characteristics such as ambition need to be present in a leader, but that is simply to help boost them to the position of power. A leader must be able to mold themselves to fit the situation of the position they are in. I have said this before and I stick to it that all people and all circumstances are unique. A good leader must be able to read situations that they are presented with and mold themselves to fit the needs.


As Allen and Sawhney (2015, pp 227) explained, “the proponents of situational leadership assert that there is no one best leadership style, but that different situations require different leadership styles. ” This is the very definition of the contingency theory of leadership. Each person and each situation is going to differ, which requires leaders to be able to accommodate their leadership style. For instance, if a newer correctional officer is late on rounds, but is consistently 15 minutes late, there may be a misunderstanding of when the next round is due after the previous ends. In this situation, it is better for the leader to coach and discuss the issue, rather than to lecture and threaten with discipline. If after the discussion and coaching the new officer still doesn’t have his rounds completed on time, then progressive discipline should take place, requiring the leader to bend his or her leadership style again.

Allen and Sawhney (2015, pp 228) further explained that “successful leaders are known to change their leadership style with the situation presented to them, rather than adapting the same leadership style to all situations.”Again with the same scenario above, with the only difference is a veteran officer, the approach would be different. A veteran officer has been through numerous pieces of training and has been at the facility long enough to understand that being late on rounds is not an acceptable practice. Therefore, the approach to the veteran officer would be different than to a new officer.

DISCUSSION POST ONE_ be detailed, 1-2 paragraphs, ask questions, incite qoutes and ref.

1.Research the risks and benefits of jobs being outsourced to India and China. In doing so, assess the similarities and differences between the types of jobs being outsourced to China and India. Your post should also address the pros and cons of outsourcing jobs endured by U.S. consumers and U.S. government.

2Explain the contingency theory of leadership; in your opinion is it an advancement over the traits and behavioral approaches to leadership and what are you basing your opinion on.

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